Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/1/16)

How is it MARCH? Anyway, happy Super Tuesday! Everything is terrible!

I think it's important that we talk about these violent rape fantasies and other disturbing things that Bernie Sanders wrote in the 1960s and 70s. Because people's views can evolve. They can. I am all for that. But a few things - this isn't a policy point evolving as research or the political climate change; I don't want a president who EVER wrote about "typical" women's fantasies involving being raped by three men (and he wrote this while running for governor AND U.S. Senate, by the way, he wasn't fifteen or something), or who just LAST YEAR dismissed reporters' concerns about this rather than disavowing it, and basically said that it's okay because women like 50 Shades. No. You do not just get a pass on this. (And also in just a practical sense - when we bring up Trump's attitudes toward women, do we want Republicans to be able to say "Well, your candidate thinks women want to be gang-raped?" I mean. COME ON.)

Yesterday at a Trump event, the Secret Service threw a reporter to the ground in a choke hold and the idea that this is okay because the reporter swore at the agent is so, so dangerous. Also: Trump's insistence on reporters staying in a pen and not mingling with crowds is terrible, and this reporter was not anywhere near the candidate the Secret Service is supposed to be protecting. So. There's that.

And at another Trump event, a group of black students were made to leave by the Secret Service, who say they were told to do so by Trump. The students were not protesting or anything. They were just standing there being black.

Also dangerous: The idea that the New York Times should release an off-the-record tape just because it might hurt Trump. No. That is not how journalism works.

In case you had any doubt: That article claiming Elizabeth Warren had endorsed Sanders was fake fake fake. (And apparently included a "quote" from Lena Dunham, who is a well-known Clinton supporter? If you're going to be terrible at least be good at it, people.)

Super Tuesday is make or break for Bernie Sanders. Here are the key states to watch.

How the Supreme Court Case Could Change Women’s Access to Abortion


Move along, clearly nothing to see here: One of the missing Hong Kong booksellers has gone on Chinese state TV to deny being abducted and renounce his UK citizenship.

Erin Andrews: ESPN Forced Me To Go On TV And Talk About My Stalker

Here's something good: This is a different case of the government trying to make Apple unlock a phone, but a court in New York ruled for Apple and that's a somewhat encouraging sign. (Here's a PDF of the filing, if you're curious. My favorite part of the way the judge basically says "I wouldn't want to LEGISLATE from the BENCH!" Such great trolling.)

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