Friday, March 18, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/18/16)

Happy Friday! Time for our weekly break from current events. Here are some links that (I hope) won't make you want to cry.

Josh Malina is doing a West Wing podcast!

The new Florence Foster Jenkins movie looks like tons of fun, but it's also interesting that we're making this into a brave story of following your dreams rather than "rich lady buys the reality she wants."

This review of And Then There Were None (which is worth a watch) made some very interesting points and made me curious to read the book.

TRUE: Tagalongs, the Most Underrated Girl Scout Cookie, Deserve Better

Neat: The Real-World Locations of 14 Sci-Fi Dystopias

Marijane Meaker: The Most Important Lesbian Writer You've Never Heard Of

I always love interviews with Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan (of Go Fug Yourself and The Royal We).

Speaking of, let's talk Breton shirts.

I'm glad someone is finally looking into The Vast Bay Leaf Conspiracy.

Heh: Scenes From Iconic Films Hastily Rewritten So That They Pass the Bechdel Test

Oh, Scotland. Some of these are not names at all.

Perfect: Great House Therapy: Mistress Mary’s Melancholic Manor and Secret Outdoor Space

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