Sunday, March 20, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/20/16)

Shot: Reminder: John Kasich Is Also Evil

Chaser: Insiders: Kasich could win a contested convention (Read to the end there; there's a lot of interesting stuff about both parties.)

An Investigation: Which Presidential Campaigns Have the Largest Gender Wage Disparities?

"While the requirements of a good leader and a good man are similar, the requirements of a good leader and a good woman are mutually exclusive."

“To them [Trump] is a good character to show the deficiencies of the democratic system, that such a person could become president. It is just unbelievable. Beijing is definitely gloating over this.”

Oh surely nothing bad will come of this: Trump militia forms to ‘forcefully protect’ rally goers against ‘far-left agitators’

Call me old-fashioned but I'd prefer candidates actually RUN for president.

Terrible: A female editor was asked if she slept with her bosses at the Hulk Hogan trial

Important and very well done: Out Here, No One Can Hear You Scream: The dangerous culture of male entitlement and sexual hostility hiding within America's national parks and forests.

Insane: Why a Russian Hacker Declared War on the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

The Times has a new policy on anonymous sources.

There's some interesting info in this piece about Caesar's death and I am curious to read this guy's book!

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