Saturday, March 5, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/5/16)

ICYMI: Friday Five: Media Sites I Can't Live Without

STOP EVERYTHING. We've got a trailer for The Wine Show, which is my new favorite show already. "Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys drink wine and luxuriate in an Italian villa in a new show, because peak TV means that networks are now developing your dreams."

A knife supposedly found at O.J. Simpson's house has surfaced because THAT'S NOT SUSPICIOUS TIMING AT ALL. (Another crazy coincidence - FX is now marathoning the first five episodes of The People v. O.J. Simpson tonight, which is a scheduling decision obviously made in a complete vacuum. BUT the show is really good and this is your chance to catch up! Watch it!)

Can a 3-year-old represent herself in immigration court? (Um. NO.)

Here's an update on the black students asked to leave a Trump event, which, of course, the Trump campaigning is now denying they caused. (If there was any question: I believe these three separate law enforcement agencies over this campaign.)

"It’s not insulting to say that you think you can accomplish more for racial justice than Barack Obama has. It’s insulting to act like you can do it merely by showing up for work."

Jim Webb, what are you doing???????

I was excited to see Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and then I read this.

NOPE: 'Cumberbunnies' will allow you to eat Benedict Cumberbatch this Easter

That crazy people-rating app is finally launching - I was in the contingent who thought it might all be a publicity stunt with no real app, so I was wrong - but they've changed it enough that it's not particularly harmful anymore. I think/hope.

File under "profiles that are fascinating even if you don't care about the person/thing": The New Yorker on TMZ.

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