Monday, March 7, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/7/16)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week, including a premiere date for the Hot Vicar Show! Er, I mean Grantchester.

Important: How young ‘liberal’ Americans could become racist right-wingers

Fascinating: Inside the Republican Party’s Desperate Mission to Stop Donald Trump

Uncovering the Bad Math (or Logic) of an Economic Analysis Embraced by Bernie Sanders (They did a really good job of explaining how the economic analysis works here.)

Marcia Clark continues to be pretty awesome: I prosecuted O.J. Simpson. Here’s what I learned about race and justice in America.

I meant to link this last week but it's important and newly relevant in light of last night's debate: Hillary Clinton on ‘superpredator’ remarks: ‘I shouldn’t have used those words’

Marco Rubio’s Trump Attacks Expose Uncomfortable Truths for the Right

"Mr. Obama insisted that in private conversations, Republican bluster was tempered. 'They’re pretty sheepish about it,' he said." ONE WOULD HOPE.

Meet the man who can basically read President Obama’s mind

Whoa: A Plagiarism Scandal Is Unfolding In The Crossword World

This absolutely made me want to read/watch more Didion: How Joan Didion the Writer Became Joan Didion the Legend

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