Friday, April 15, 2016

Morning Coffee (4/15/16)

Happy Friday! As usual, we're going with lighter links to end the week.

Me elsewhere: I hated the new NBC show Game of Silence a surprising amount.

And if you want even MORE links from me every day for some reason, I've started a Daily Read section of Read the Screen, with adaptation news, interesting criticism, etc. each weekday afternoon. I guess I'll link it from here the next morning, at least for a while?

ICYMI, yesterday I thought way too much about Free Cone Day.

Every time a new Taylor Swift profile comes out I get worried because it's BOUND to do something to destroy the image I have of her in my head, but they NEVER DO and this one is great. (Note: Said image has nothing to do with her authenticity or anything; I don't care about that either way. I just want her to remain in complete and rigid control of her messaging forever.)

I am fundamentally opposed to every single stunt proposal in history except for this one.

My friend Robin Wasserman IS AN ANSWER IN A BUZZFEED QUIZ, so clearly she has no more to achieve in life. Also, you should preorder her book Girls on Fire immediately because it is great.

The kind of important news story that needs our attention: Cute Firefighters Rescue Kitten from Well

And some international cat news: We Met The New Foreign Office Cat And Asked Him Five Important Questions

These new Penguin fantasy and sci-fi classics are gorgeousssssss.

This new late night breakfast restaurant sounds like it's probably obnoxious but let's be real, I would go at least once because LATE NIGHT BREAKFAST.

I suspect your Friday needs Will and Kate feeding adorable baby elephants.

This is lovely: Behind the Scenes at the Met


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