Sunday, April 17, 2016

Morning Coffee (4/17/16)

Behind Fake Degrees From Pakistan, a Maze of Deceit and a Case in Peril

As a person who likes fancy restaurants and natural food but is also inherently suspicious and somewhat cynical, I LOVED this farm-to-table expose.

They found Nessie! (Well. Sort of. You know.)

This ABC child actor roundtable is THOROUGHLY delightful.

Oooooh: America's Test Kitchen is about to take its rigorous recipe system to the next level

“Yet I’ll Speak”: Othello’s Emilia, A Rebuke to Female Silence

An Heir to a Tribe’s Culture Ensures Its Language Is Not Forgotten

This piece about the celebrity club appearance economy is surprisingly fascinating, and includes some stuff about the talent/manager dynamic, which is a topic that always interests me.

Well these are gorgeous: Data Centers of the Future Could Be Towering Skyscrapers

Beverly Cleary turned 100 this month and this made me want to read her teen novels - I think I only read (and loved) Sister of the Bride.

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