Friday, May 13, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/13/16)


Me elsewhere: New promos for Wayward Pines and your Thursday Daily Read.

ALSO: My friend Holly and I started a podcast about fandom and the first episode is available for your listening pleasure!

ALSO ALSO: If you want a thorough, no-frills place to keep up with TV renewals/cancellations/pickups, I made you a thing. I'll be updating it as frequently as possible as events progress today/this weekend.

If you look at one link today it should absolutely be this one: This Puppy Was Abandoned At A Baseball Stadium And Now Has A Job With The Team

Aaah, John Dickerson has a book coming out about presidential campaign history! Happy birthday to me! (Obviously I preordered it immediately to support him, so you don't need to actually get it for my birthday, Mom.)

New Monkees song! Very summery.

Vox's summer movie preview is always fun and interesting.

The Fug Girls' account of their trip to England and Scotland is delightful and will make you want to plan a vacation IMMEDIATELY.

Aww: A Bride Canceled Her Wedding, Then Turned It Into a Fancy Party for Little Kids

Why have I never seen these Boston History Dioramas???

LOOK at this knitting needle gauge ring.

Hee: The Darcy Shirt, A Tour Rider

Crush Cakes: Lin-Manuel Miranda (Crush cakes are a GREAT idea. Let's make this a thing.)

Speaking of, I assume you want to see Chris Hemsworth making a birthday cake for his daughter.

It's Friday. Let's look at some beaches.

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