Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/18/16)

Me elsewhere: Okay, I've had a few pieces come out in the last 24 hours, so here's a rundown:
* At Insatiable Booksluts: 10 Must-Read Patriarchy-Smashing Crime Solvers
* At The Televixen: Exploring Personal Space with Dana Luery Shaw and ABC's Fall Schedule
* Also: Here's Tuesday's Daily Read, and my TV reference spreadsheet has been updated.

On to the links!

"Loud cursing, shouting, obscene gestures and vile insults, including crude comments about the female anatomy. It was all on display over the weekend as supporters of Bernie Sanders turned the Nevada State Democratic Convention into chaos."

"But the bigger worry for Democrats may not be that Sanders's supporters view Donald Trump as a better presidential candidate, but rather that they come to regard the whole electoral system — and Clinton's nomination — as inherently fraudulent."

"He can’t go to the convention and argue that his pissed off white support is somehow more valid than all the votes and all the delegates Hillary has won from a far more diverse cross section of the Democratic party."

Donald Trump’s Plan for America Includes Shutting Down the Media

The Trump Campaign Told A Reporter They’re Not Interested In Spanish-Language Media Coverage

Muslim Leaders Wage Theological Battle, Stoking ISIS’ Anger

I agree with most of what Dan Fienberg says here about the Castle finale, especially the part at the end about Beckett's agency.

Welp: Who Said It: Roald Dahl or Judy Blume?

Inside Evan Spiegel's very private Snapchat Story

How To Tell If You’re In A Robert Frost Poem

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