Saturday, May 28, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/28/16)

"When you see progressive white men—many of whom enthusiastically supported Barack Obama’s candidacy—hate Clinton with every fiber of their being despite the fact that she’s a carbon copy of Obama’s ideology (or in fact now running slightly to his left), it’s hard to find any other explanation than sexism."

Jerrod Carmichael Might Be the Next Jerry Seinfeld — So Why Was Renewing The Carmichael Show Such a Tough Call for NBC? (Please watch The Carmichael Show. It is great.)

I was just the other day wondering what happened to Salon. Wonder no more.

Huh: Planet Aid's Yellow Clothing Donation Bins Are Part of a Global Cultlike Scam

A great bad review can be a thing of beauty. Here's Todd VanDerWerff on Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Fascinating questions here: Italians Agree Fresco Is a Masterpiece, but All Else Is Up for Debate

All The Dirt On Rona Barrett, Hollywood's Forgotten Gossip Girl

Women's Voluntary Service: 'The army Hitler forgot'

"Indeed, if any instrumentalist was going to be involved in a wild international money-laundering scheme, it was probably going to be a cellist."

And Now, Men Explaining Why They Send Dick Pics CAN THESE QUOTES BE REAL? (I suppose. Unfortunately.)

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