Thursday, June 23, 2016

Morning Coffee (6/23/16)

This House sit-in is wild; I woke up and turned on CSPAN and it's STILL GOING. Wow. Here's a primer on what's going on and why it's so unusual.

And here's the Guardian live blog.

Also, the Brexit vote is happening right now. Please hydrate, political junkies. Here's the Guardian live blog for THAT.

I do think things like this sit-in and Murphy's filibuster are useful for forcing the conversation, but this is an important point: For any actual change, we need to have fewer Republicans in Congress.

And Matt Yglesias makes good points here: Why House Democrats are eager to force votes on doomed gun control bills

Whatever you think of these specific issues, the fact that it's been covered via streaming video from the Congresspeople's own phones is worth noting. (Because the majority controls the TV cameras and turned them off.)

Donald Trump’s Clinton attack speech reveals just how little he understands the world

“Mad, conceited, learned beyond their sex”: Female Philosophers of the Early Modern Era

Ooh: More Treasures Recovered from Antikythera Wreck

I've been trying some things out of my comfort zone so I loved this from Hanna Rosin: Screw Mastery

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