Saturday, July 2, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/2/16)

The Toast is gone. I am inconsolable. But HILLARY CLINTON WROTE THEM A GOODBYE MESSAGE.

Yes yes yes yes yes: Ethicists say voting with your heart, without a care about the consequences, is actually immoral

Oh right, Australia's having an election too, certainly nothing crazy will happen there.

June Thomas has been doing some great Brexit coverage/explanations. Theresa May Will Probably Be Britain’s Next Prime Minister. Who the Heck Is She?

Also: Why Did Boris Johnson Decide Not to Run? Some Theories.

Ugh. Apparently now that Bernie Sanders is sort of theoretically giving up on being President his new hobby is bullying accomplished female senators out of their leadership roles.

I feel like we're going to be reading about the extradition of El Chapo for the rest of our lives.

Wow: The Oakland Police Department Mess, Explained

This nonsense with Gay Talese's new book is quite something.

Speaking of Gay Talese, this is fascinating: What Ever Happened to ‘The Most Liberated Woman in America’?

Ooh: Ancient Cities in Cambodia Revealed by Lasers

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