Friday, September 16, 2016

Morning Coffee (9/16/16)

Time for happy Friday links!

!! Police officers rescue kitten from drainage pipe using a half-eaten burrito

Aww: Your Cool Uncle Joe Biden Tipped $20 on a $3 Milkshake (I truly love his well-documented love of ice cream.)

Paralympic Swimmer and Friend of Prince Harry Wins Gold Medal (I ship it.)

A new book of Fitzgerald short stories is coming out!

Amazing: Every advert in a London Underground station has been replaced with cat photos

Let's ogle examine Dylan O'Brien's American Assassin look.

Look, it's a non-terrible piece about YA!

See the beginnings of The Monkees in these utterly charming screen tests

I now want all movie reviews to be based around knitwear. (And that piece is hilarious even if you don't knit, I think.)

The best way to interest me in your new TV show: Say you've got the whole thing planned.

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