Sunday, September 25, 2016

Morning Coffee (9/25/16)

Me elsewhere: I really liked the Speechless pilot.

The New York Times's endorsement of Clinton is quite something.

This whole situation is completely bizarre: The Mystery of Trump’s Man in Moscow

Drama at an Elite High School (I understand the attraction of the double entendre in the headline since this is about a theater department, but I hardly think sexual abuse of minors should be classified as mere "drama".)

Female Characters Are More Diverse But Employment of Women in TV Stalls

Hawaii Five-0 did something really weird. (Spoilers!)

XKCD's earth temperature timeline is striking.

This YA adoption anthology sounds great.

When an app tells companies you’re pregnant but not that you miscarried

America's Oldest Lighthouse Has Turned 300

At a certain point you have to start wondering just how much of England is covered by car parks.

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