Thursday, September 29, 2016

Morning Coffee (9/29/16)

Me elsewhere: I wound up hating the MacGyver pilot because it was just so boring.

Women of America, this is how much leading Republicans hate you

Chelsea Clinton's convention diary for Marie Claire is interesting and also a master class in how working mothers have to modulate their narratives to not be cast as monsters.

Always a quality you want in a president: "But Mr. Trump found it hard to focus during those meetings."

Non-Profit Accused of Exploiting Sex Trafficking Victims It Was Meant to Help

This new biography of Hitler sounds fascinating, and in her review Michiko Kakutani does a great job of making CERTAIN PARALLELS obvious without actually articulating them.

Big lie, little lie, and the media’s role in telling the difference

Cosmo Designed a Car for Women, and That's Going Over About as Well as You'd Expect

That's a . . . lot: Netflix Targeting 50% of Content to Be Original Programming, CFO Says

OH MY GOD HOW HORRIFYING: Ask a Boss: My Co-worker Wants Everyone to Call Her Boyfriend Her ‘Master’!

William the Conqueror Reassessed

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