Friday, November 18, 2016

Morning Coffee (11/18/16)

Let's take a break for some happy Friday links.

National Book Award winners! I want to read all of them.

I'm glad the BBC understands that what the world needs now is more Mary Berry.

Oh, this could be fun: Broadway's 'She Loves Me' to Screen in Movie Theaters (I went when they did something similar with Company and it was great.)

!!! Dan Stevens & Christopher Plummer To Star In Charles Dickens Tale ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas’

This is an amazing headline: Cats colonized most of the planet by boat

A great escapist read if you like this kind of thing: Sex, Drugs, and Bestsellers: The Legend of the Literary Brat Pack

I haven't had a change to start watching The Crown yet but here's some good background info.

Let's go curl up with some tea and blankets and read the books that shaped President Obama.

I bet you need to see a polar bear petting a dog.



  1. I watched all of The Crown last week and lost myself completely in the monarchy - clearly much-needed right now. I think you'll love it.

  2. I checked out my first of the National Book Award winners today. I'm starting with Stamped from the Beginning.