Thursday, December 1, 2016

Morning Coffee (12/1/16)


The Kurds Are Nearly There

'Theresa May's silence on women's issues is deafening'

The Attorney Fighting Revenge Porn

How Hillary Clinton Went from Presidential Candidate to Wandering Folk Hero

We Can Pay Attention to Trump's Tweets and His Actions at the Same Time

Trump’s plan to no longer participate in his company’s ‘business operations’ is a sham

When Donald Trump has a $600 work dinner at a Trump property, who pays? And who profits?

Bahrainian event at Trump’s swanky hotel is type of thing Constitution is designed to prevent

Donald Trump is still fighting the media. This time to its face.

Heh: Post-Election College Paper Grading Rubric

So much hedging! But still interesting: Prayer book that may have been Henry VIII's could fetch £2.5m at auction

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