Thursday, January 19, 2017

Morning Coffee (1/19/17)

This is terrifying: Texas women who get abortions would lose voting rights if Republican lawmaker has his way

Rick Perry did not know what the energy secretary did when he took the job.

Um: "That military may come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue. That military may be flying over New York City and Washington, D.C., for parades. I mean, we’re going to be showing our military."

‘He Has This Deep Fear That He Is Not a Legitimate President’

This Republican strategy sounds scarily plausible: Obamacare Just Had a Very Good Week. That Doesn’t Mean the Law Is Any Safer.

New Trump Adviser Being Sued for Hiring White Men to Attack Black Patrons

"Trent Lott, a lobbyist close to several people on the transition, said the transition team was relying on lobbyists and others for lists of potential hires and policy recommendations." Drain the... swamp?

Donald Trump Likes Books, He Can't Say Exactly Which But He Definitely Does

Svan Song: A remote region of Georgia is hoping tourism can save a vanishing culture.

Let's look back at how people reported on Pearl Harbor. No reason.

This, about translation, is fascinating: A No-Nonsense Machiavelli

Mysteries Hidden Deep Inside Orion Star Factory Have Been Laid Bare

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