Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Chat: Summer Vacation Reading!

(Summer weekends are busy, so I've been running out of links by Monday, and a lot of people aren't in their offices Friday afternoon to read additional links anyway. So I thought this would be a fun time to slot in some discussion posts! LET'S TALK ABOUT STUFF.)

(Related bit of housekeeping: I headed out for the holiday weekend, so morning links will continue as usual but afternoon will probably return on Wednesday.)

All the posts about summer reading and beach books have made me wonder: What do you all actually like to read during the summer and/or on vacation? I think of summer (in general, not travel) as a time for long books that transport you to another world, like fantasy epics or historical fiction. On the other hand, when I'm traveling, I tend to like things I can pick up and put down easily without forgetting what's going on, and for convenience I usually use my Kindle rather than paper books (which I prefer otherwise), so I tend to blow through a bunch of romances or other fairly light novels that I've picked up on Kindle sales or had recommended by friends.

All that said, I once reread The Great Gatsby on a beach while drinking champagne, which was basically the platonic ideal of summer reading situations.

How about you? Any patterns? Any specific titles you're planning to read on vacation this summer?

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