Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday chat: Summer TV!

Most of the summer TV has started, so... which of the new shows are you watching? Liking? Hating? I like The Bold Type and I'm Sorry. Somewhere Between was one of the downright weirdest pilots I've ever seen, like aliens who had read a book about humans once were trying to make a TV show. I only lasted about five minutes into Midnight, Texas. Will is definitely better than Still Star-Crossed when it comes to ridiculous Shakespeare shows. And I have a bunch of other stuff I haven't tried yet - Salvation, Snowfall, The Sinner, Loaded, The Guest Book, The Last Tycoon... anyone liking any of them?

1 comment:

  1. I'm loving The Bold Type and I'm Sorry as well. Somewhere Between is one of those shows that are so bad, yet I'm still intrigued to know what the hell is going on so I'll probably watch it in its entirety.

    Midnight, Texas doesn't work for me, it feels like a True Blood in its bad days. Tried Salvation, but dropped it pretty fast.

    I'm catching up on a lot of shows that I skipped during the regular season, so I'm not enjoying Netflix's The Crown very much and I'll start 13 reasons why pretty soon. So I have that and I'm having a rerun marathon of Charmed and Rosemary & Thyme.