Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Morning Coffee (8/16/17)

Oh, good: Baltimore Removes Confederate Statues in Overnight Operation

Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost

Donald Trump is offering comfort to racists and extremists

While Trump was distracted, North Korea calmed down. That’s not a coincidence.

And here's what's actually happening in Guam right now.

Seeking Greater Global Power, China Looks to Robots and Microchips

Oh hey, Hugo Award winners! Glad THAT process was less of a mess this year, at least.

This whole thing is kind of hilarious: Costco Owes Tiffany More Than $19 Million, Judge Rules

Hmmm: MoviePass Now Offers Unlimited Movies in Theaters for $10 a Month (From what I've read, their business model is a. selling your data [they were just bought by an analytics firm] and/or b. proving their worth enough to get theaters to "partner" with them in the future. I tried to join yesterday but their servers were overloaded - it's 2017, people, do load tests! - and then AMC said they're going to try to block it, so... I guess I'll wait.)

Antarctica’s Ice Hides 91 Newly Described Volcanoes

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