Monday, September 18, 2017

100 Things in Hillary's Book That Made Me Like Her Even More, Part 1

I know this is ridiculous. I'm not sorry.

1. "I realized I was inventing a new pastime: imagining the pain of past electoral losses." She goes on to discuss John Adams, McGovern, Taft, and more. This is totally the kind of pastime I would invent.

2. "But I couldn't - and wouldn't - compete to stoke people's rage and resentment. I think that's dangerous. It helps leaders who want to take advantage of that rage to hurt people rather than help them."

3. She casually refers to Jason Chaffetz as a "wannabe Javert."

4. She refuses to give absolution to people who tell her they didn't vote and want HER to make them feel better about it. "We all have to live with the consequences of our decisions."

5. About making it through her concession speech: "In some ways, it felt like I had been training for this latest feat of self-control for decades." And right after it: "I asked my senior team to go back to our headquarters in Brooklyn and make sure everyone was okay."

6. When Bill lost his gubernatorial reelection in 1980, he was so upset that Hillary had to speak to supporters on behalf. Note: he did not need to do that for her when SHE lost. (Too bad women are so emotional, huh?)

7. After the campaign, she paid everyone through November 22nd and provided health insurance through the end of the year.

8. "It wasn't all yoga and breathing: I also drank my share of chardonnay."

9. She and Bill put up a painting of the balloon drop at the DNC because they loved it so much.

10. She is the pushy friend who makes you take bits of her clothes and accessories you've admired.

11. We like the same type of mysteries. Let's start a book club, Hillary!

12. She's always identified with the older brother in the prodigal son parable. (SAME.)

13. "I ran for President because I thought I'd be good at the job."

14. On the Clinton Global Initiative: "No one could just show up and talk; you had to actually do something." AHEM.

15. She has a completely rational explanation for her "secret" Wall Street speeches, and yet takes complete blame for not realizing they would look bad.

16. Why she finally decided to run: "It was a chance to do the most good I would ever be able to do."

17. "For me, political campaigns have always been something to get through in order to be able to govern, which is the real prize."

18. On all the research and list-making she did to construct her policies and positions: "It was honestly a lot of fun."

19. On long campaign road trips, she googled every NPR station on the way so she'd be prepared for the drive.

20. On Trump's approach to campaigning: "He had no ideological core apart from his towering self-regard, which blotted out all hope of learning or growing. As a result, he had no need to listen to anyone but himself."

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