Tuesday, September 19, 2017

100 Things in Hillary's Book That Made Me Like Her Even More, Part 2

Part 1.

21. To cheer Obama up after his first debate with Romney, Hillary sent him a Photoshopped picture of Big Bird strapped to the top of Mitt's car.

22. She hired the first chief diversity officer to make sure she had the most diverse presidential campaign ever.

23. "My advisers had to deal with a candidate - me - who often wanted something new to say, as opposed to just repeating the same stump speech over and over." Not that that sounds like anyone we know.

24. "I'm something of a Roosevelt buff. First on the list will always be Eleanor." And one of the reasons she mentions is one of my favorite Eleanor quotes, too: "If I feel depressed, I go to work."

25. "There was a minor Washington tempest back in the 1990s when a newspaper claimed I was having seances in the White House to commune directly with Eleanor's spirit. (I wasn't, though it would have been nice to talk to her now and then.)"

26. On why she likes Teddy Roosevelt: "He was also a shrewd politician who managed to fend off the demands of angry populists on his left, who wanted to go even further toward Socialism, and conservatives on his right, who would have let the robber barons amass even more wealth and power." AHEM.

27. "I'm convinced that the answer for Democrats going forward is not to abandon data but to obtain better data."

28. "My approach came down to two words: routine and joy."

29. She and Bill have kept careful track of every book they've read for years, and I would pay actual money for access to those logs.

30. On her great hair and makeup people: "But I've never gotten used to how much effort it takes just to be a woman in the public eye."

31. She started wearing pantsuits after being photographed up her skirt as First Lady - taking her inspiration from Nancy Drew, and she quotes an actual book (and describes the plot point!) in which Nancy says "I'm glad I wore pants!"

32. The only part of having Secret Service protection that annoys her at this point is causing other people traffic problems with the motorcade.

33. She loves Goldfish crackers, and during the campaign her favorite flight attendant got Flavor Blasted Goldfish for the staff to try. "We passed around the bag and discussed whether it was better than the original. Some of my staff thought yes, which was incorrect."

34. After the Iowa State Fair: "I want you to know that I did not eat that pork chop on a stick because it is politically necessary. I ate that pork chop on a stick because it was delicious."

35. "We take birthdays and holidays seriously on the road."

36. On meeting women in their eighties and nineties excited to vote for a woman: "I imagined myself in thirty years, putting on nice clothes and going to hear my candidate speak." Aww.

37. She's a matchmaker who always wanted the gossip on who in the press corps was dating each other.

38. She calls herself a "lifelong fan of school supplies."

39. "In the end, thanks to our practice sessions, I felt that deep sense of confidence that comes with rigorous preparation."

40. On why she hired Robby Mook: he was "highly disciplined and levelheaded, with a passion for data and a talent for organizing."

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