Thursday, September 21, 2017

100 Things in Hillary's Book That Made Me Like Her Even More, Part 4

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61. "There are some out there who say women and men can't really be friends. I can't understand that."

62. She's completely honestly about motherhood sometimes being very boring.

63. "Here is where my friends would say, 'Of course Hillary has data.'"

64. "If you go out to dinner with me, your picture might be in the paper. You might be hounded by trolls online. You might lose friends who detest me because of my politics. You might even need to hire a lawyer. I almost want to offer a disclaimer to new friends: these side effects may occur." Aww.

65. In the past year, she's become penpals with a mystery writer she's read for years, and I am dying to know who.

66. She does an extremely good job of calling out systemic racism and police violence without vilifying all police officers.

67. "So I shook off the threats and got to work."

68. "Bernie Sanders, who loved to talk about how 'true progressives' never bow to political realities or powerful interests, had long bowed to the political reality of his rural state of Vermont and supported the NRA's key priorities."

69. "I was particularly concerned that if a 'Second Amendment person' came after me, he'd be coming after my security detail of Secret Service agents."

70. "Every time I tried to talk about the massacre of little children that happened at that school in 2012, I started to choke up."

71. "In 1992 and 2008, change meant electing dynamic young leaders who promised hope and renewal. In 2016, it meant handing a lit match to a pyromaniac."

72. "Change is hard. That's one reason we're sometimes taken in by leaders who make it sound easy but don't have any idea how to get anything done."

73. "At Wellesley, I tried to find ways to push the college toward more progressive positions through negotiation rather than disruption."

74. She really did go undercover to a segregated school to catch them telling prospective parents that black children wouldn't be admitted.

75. "But talking about fairness alone wouldn't get a ramp built for this girl's wheelchair at the local public school."

76. "So I've never had much respect for activists who are willing to sit out elections, waste their votes, or tear down well-meaning allies rather than engage constructively."

77. "I have zero patience for adults who hurt or neglect kids. My temper just boils over."

78. "The people of Flint couldn't wait for the next election. They certainly couldn't wait for the Revolution."

79. "Plus, I happen to love talking about foreign policy." (She is SUCH A NERD and it's great.)

80. On Matt Lauer's behavior to her at the Commander in Chief Forum: "Trump should have reported his performance as an in-kind contribution."

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