Friday, September 22, 2017

100 Things in Hillary's Book That Made Me Like Her Even More, Part 5

Uh, confession: We're only 2/3 through the book. So I guess we'll continue this next week.

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81. "I've always thought about policy in a very practical way. It's how we solve problems and make life better for people."

82. On Bernie: "I nonetheless found campaigning against him to be profoundly frustrating. He didn't seem to mind if his math didn't add up or if his plans had no prayer of passing Congress and becoming law."

83. "I've always believed that it's dangerous to make big promises if you have no idea how you're going to keep them."

84. "I am proud to be a Democrat and I wish Bernie were, too."

85. "It was beyond frustrating that Bernie acted as if he had a monopoly on political purity and that he had set himself up as the sole arbiter of what it meant to be progressive, despite giving short shrift to issues such as immigration, reproductive rights, racial justice, and gun safety."

86. "Later, Chuck Todd of NBC's Meet the Press actually criticized me for being too prepared. I'm not sure how that's possible - can you be too prepared for something so important? Does Chuck ever show up for Meet the Press and just wing it?"

87. "We learned that many Republican voters didn't have any problem with big government, so long as it was big government for them."

88. "It may be hard for us to match his grandiose promises, because we still believe in arithmetic, but we can offer real results." (HERE she's talking about Trump, but funny how quotes could often be about him OR Bernie, huh?)

89. "My staff lived in fear that I'd start talking about 'the rise of the robots' in some Iowa town hall. Maybe I should have."

90. "Just as they were racing off to load the speech into the teleprompter, I said I had one more thing to add: 'I'm going to talk about Seneca Falls. Just put a placeholder in brackets and I'll take care of it.'"

91. "'I married my best friend,' Bill said. It was like hearing a love letter read out on national television."

92. "I plan to live long enough to see a woman win."

93. She almost added a universal basic income proposal to her campaign platform! And then didn't because they couldn't quite make the numbers work! I love her for both parts of that, actually.

94. "Usually when I meet people who are frustrated and angry, my instinctive response is to talk about how we can fix things." SAME.

95. "Republicans will always be better about defending yesterday. Democrats have to be in the future business."

96. "I was tempted to make voodoo dolls of certain members of the press and Congress and stick them full of pins."

97. In one of her emails to John Podesta: "Please wear socks to bed to keep your feet warm."

98. She's got a great story about a White House operator not believing she was who she said (while Secretary of State) and asked for her direct office line (even though she wasn't there). "I told him I had no idea what my direct office # was since I didn't call myself and I just hung up and am calling thru Ops like a proper and properly dependent Secretary [of] State - no independent dialing allowed."

99. "There's a certain poetic justice now in remembering how enthusiastic Michael Flynn was about sending me to jail."

100. "In fact, more of my emails are now publicly available than every other President, Vice President, and Cabinet Secretary in our country's history combined."

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