Saturday, September 2, 2017

Morning Coffee (9/2/17)

I made some changes around here yesterday! If you missed it, take a look at my post explaining everything. And please consider supporting my Patreon - if all my regular readers gave just a dollar or two per month, we'd easily fund the next goal, which includes PAYING PEOPLE (you??) to write guest posts!

Extremely useful: Six Charts To Help Americans Understand The Upcoming German Election

This seems, you know, important: Russian Election Hacking Efforts, Wider Than Previously Known, Draw Little Scrutiny

"The president, for his part, has marveled at the installation of management controls that would have been considered routine in any other White House."

The Onion in the age of Trump: ‘What we do becomes essential when its targets are this clownish’

I wish the need for this were surprising: These Women Entrepreneurs Created A Fake Male Cofounder To Dodge Startup Sexism

Todd VanDerWerff is a delight, as usual: Should you spend $20+ to see Marvel’s Inhumans in IMAX? Look, it’s your money.

A New Statue Remembers A Forgotten, Working Class Suffragette

Why African-American Soldiers Saw World War II as a Two-Front Battle

I was just wondering about this: Why Are We All Supposed to Be Excited to Eat Charcoal?

Inside One of Tinder’s Controversial Hamptons Parties

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