Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Morning Coffee (9/5/17)

Now that people are back from long weekends, I'm going to mention again: there are some changes around here and on my Patreon! As the month progresses I'll be highlighting some of the specific goals and rewards, but please check it out if you have a moment. Patreon really helps me devote the time necessary to put together link posts, and gives me some writing time too!

The questions that 800,000 people are waiting for Trump to answer about DACA

U.N. Group Accuses Burundi Leaders of Crimes Against Humanity

The N.F.L. Star Appealed for Donations. Then His Mom Got to Work.

Sad news: Poet John Ashbery has died.

And so has Walter Becker of Steely Dan.

Year of the woman: the Democrats inspired by Trump to run for office

A young girl pulled a sword from the lake where Arthur threw Excalibur!

Wow: A camera store shows off gear wrecked by the solar eclipse

Ruined ‘Apartments’ May Hold Clues to Native American History

Found: 381 New Amazon Species

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