Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Patreon Spotlight: Group hangouts!

I made some big changes in my Patreon this month, so I'll be spotlighting various rewards and goals as the month progresses!

One new reward I'm pretty excited about goes to all patrons at the $3 level and up: monthly group hangouts! I was a little hesitant to do this, because I kinda figured no one would want it, but I support a few Patreons that have similar things and they're actually really fun! How it works: We all jump on a Skype call or similar and just hang out and talk about whatever - stuff in the news or what we're reading or what's going on in our lives. Or you can ask me questions about what I'm working on or links I've posted or whatever. It's a fun way to build a bit of community around here. I hope you'll give it a try with me!

If you're already a $3+ patron, head right over here to vote on when we should have our September hangout!

And if you'd like to jump in for September, join now!

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