Friday, September 15, 2017

Patreon Spotlight: Interviews and Guest Posts!

One of the reasons I have a Patreon is to help me publish different kinds of content here, not just more. So I wanted to tell you about my next goal! Because that's very focused in that area.

When my patronage level reaches $100 per month, I'm going to start getting you at least one interesting interview or guest post a month here. I really like the idea of hosting some different voices. For one thing, it just gives you a change from listening to my opinions about everything all the time. And, more importantly, I'm hoping to pull in some perspectives you might not otherwise get the chance to hear.

Wondering what this actually means? Well, how about a few examples? For the first few months once we reach this level: actress/writer Kate Hackett and author Susan Adrian will both stop by. (More on the latter in a second.) I've got an awesome young queer sex educator who will come recommend some non-terrible sex ed resources for the kids and teens in your life. I haven't actually talked to her about it yet, but I'm planning to drag my mom in to talk about health care policy from a pediatrician's point of view. (Hi Mom!) And remember Vampire Legal Issues? Our favorite vampires are no longer on TV, but plenty of other fictional characters are making terrible estate planning decisions, and Lawyer Christine will come back to yell at them.

And... it also means that when we reach the goal I'll put up a notice about how YOU and anyone else interested can pitch me guest posts. I'll even pay you for them.

So. As of this writing, we're at $53. $47 to go. Even $1 a month helps a lot (and gets you an exclusive monthly update on my work!). Any more than that gets you extra content: more links, playlists, recipes, all sorts of stuff. And I said I'd get back to Susan... the thing I have planned with her is really awesome and... really Christmas-related. I'd love to publish it in November to help get us all in the mood (and... maybe help you with your Christmas shopping?!?!). That gives us about two months to reach this goal. Let's do this.

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