Tuesday, September 12, 2017

To the CT Millennials Who Now Must Explain Furries to Their Parents

Oh, you guys. I'm so, so sorry we're going through this. As if 2017 wasn't bad enough! Now we have politicians losing their jobs because people find out they're furries, so then that is printed in the goddamn newspaper and now all of our parents and grandparents and aunts are going to call us up and ask what that means. That concern was obviously my first thought when I read this story, and sure enough, I've already gotten one email from a relative. Do you want to explain furries to your relatives? No. No you do not.

My first thought was "just tell them to Google it", but on second thought that's a terrible idea, partially because you probably don't want to do that to your family but also because it might prompt MORE QUESTIONS. But good news: Vox is on it, because of course they are. The always delightful Dylan Matthews has a furries explainer that is comprehensive and PG-rated, so you can just send that to anyone asking. (How did we ever understand anything before Vox? The only thing they haven't been able to explain to me is bitcoin.)

While we're here, though, let's talk about whether we actually care about this.

First of all: Do we care if our elected officials are furries? I am inclined to say no, we do not. Let people enjoy what they enjoy, to the extent that it is not hurting anyone. Especially right now! I have lost count of the number of Connecticut politicians in jail. The president is a barely literate lunatic rapist who might accidentally start a nuclear war. Does it matter if some guy on a town council is a furry? Nah. You do you, dude.

However! However. According to the reporting, there is something on this guy's profile that says he "tolerates" rape. (Sounds like users have to multiple-choice react to various preferences.) So that's a totally different story. I do not want elected officials who tolerate rape.* And that has nothing to do with his furry proclivities, for the record - lots of non-furries "tolerate" rape! Like the president! - but is in itself sufficient reason to ruin his career. So at the end of the day I'm not losing sleep over this one.

Just over having someone ask me about it at the next family gathering.

* I stopped and thought about this because the context wasn't entirely clear, and I have no problem with, say, rape appearing in fiction if it is portrayed in a thoughtful and sensitive (and, you know, negative) way. I hate the idea that we can't put whatever subject matter in books or TV because it's "bad". BUT I'm assuming in THIS context, it means rape as part of a positive fantasy or role-play or whatever, and that's a different story.

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