Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Who wants some (in)expert advice?

The other day, a Twitter pal asked for advice on something going on in her professional life, and I told her that I wasn't an expert in her area but then proceeded to tell her what to do anyway, because there is nothing I love so much as telling people what to do. She seemed to like my advice, so I joked that I should start an Inexpert Advice column on the blog and people seemed to like the idea, so... hey, let's try it.

But since I'm not an expert, I'm adding a bit of a twist to this - in each (In)expert Advice post, I'll answer a question but then call in an expert (or the closest I can find) to judge whether my advice was correct. If questions are about a certain field (publishing, medicine, law, etc.) I'll try to get a bona fide professional. If they're more general family/romantic/interpersonal things, I'll ask a smart friend who has dealt with something similar or who generally gives good advice in that area.

This will start in a week or two - I'm at work on the first question (and need to rope in an expert). It'll probably appear about once a month, depending on how many questions I get. Have something going on in your life about which you'd like some potentially questionable advice? Send it my way!

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