Saturday, November 18, 2017

Morning Coffee (11/18/17)

I'm traveling and compiled and scheduled this post in advance, so WHO KNOWS what's actually going on in the world by now. Back on Tuesday!

Donald Trump and the Russian Dog That Didn’t Bark

Jamelle Bouie on The Stakes in Alabama

A good read on Jezebel's attempts to report the Louis CK story: On Rumors

This is great: Tutus and Tool Belts: Church of England Urges Children to Explore Gender Identity

Directors Guild Finds ‘Some Progress’ in TV Hiring Practices of Women, Minorities

I knew they had a lot of land but this is A LOT: Congrats to the Pioneer Woman for Being the 23rd Largest Landowner in America

Whoa: In a Major First, Scientists Edit DNA Within the Human Body

I know he did Beauty and the Beast but I still think of him as the Perks guy so this made me laugh: Disney's 'Prince Charming' Sets Writer-Director Stephen Chbosky

Aw: Canada Accidentally Forced Olympic Hopefuls Into Midnight Curling

80-Year-Old Mystery Cracked As Final Missing Piece Of Magritte Painting Found

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