Friday, November 3, 2017

Ten Reasons Why You Should Shut Up About "Early" Christmas Stuff

1. It is 2017. Everything is terrible. Let people find a little joy where they can.

2. Related: last November and December, a lot of us were too upset to enjoy holiday stuff. If we can make up for it a bit now, please, let us.

3. Also related: lots of Christmas things are actually about the importance of family and friends and community and giving and caring about others. If there were ever a year we needed to go all in on this, it's this one.

4. What other people choose to watch/listen to/read/eat in the privacy of their own homes/cars/whatever does not hurt you. I promise. (If you also live in said home, then sure, come to some sort of compromise with the members of your household!) What other people like is not about you.

5. And as far as decorations or music in public places, I mean, come on, going to the store is always annoying. If Christmas stuff weren't there to annoy you, something else would be. What's the difference? (Note: I am not, in this particular post, talking about people of other/no religion who completely reasonably object to having to deal with Christian-based stuff shoved in their face at all times. If that's your objection, object away!)

6. What is too "early", anyway? Breaking: all of these dates or rules are arbitrary. If you're following the liturgical calendar and waiting for Advent, awesome! Otherwise, follow whatever/no rule you like!

7. Most subject matter for books and songs and movies is seen as acceptable pretty much whenever, but holiday-themed media gets a much narrower window. If the people who want to consume those media want to expand the timeframe a bit, that's probably good for the artists making those things.

8. Going to say this again because it's so important: IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU. One of the most important lessons to learn when talking about any kind of pop culture stuff is that other people liking things you don't like, or not liking things you do like, has zero effect on your relationship with the thing - unless one or both of the people involved decides to be unpleasant about it.

9. Also, complaining about others' happiness doesn't make you cool, sorry. Just makes you a jerk.

10. Oh my god, just let people like things!!

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