Thursday, November 2, 2017

Weekly Rec: Hanson's Finally It's Christmas

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Do you want to feel like you're living in a Hallmark Christmas movie while you work or clean your house or otherwise go about your day? Have I got the album for you! Hanson - yes, that Hanson - just came out with a new Christmas album entitled Finally It's Christmas and it sounds exactly like a Hallmark movie feels - a lot of warmth and cheer, a little romance, a little yearning, a total feeling of comfort and tradition and cheesy holiday goodness. The tracks that most delightfully embody this feeling are the title song "Finally It's Christmas," somewhat loose Paul McCartney cover "A Wonderful Christmas Time," the unnecessarily retitled "Please Come Home," and the virtually always perfect "All I Want for Christmas." (SAME with the title, actually. What's up, guys?)

Here's the title track, for a taste:

Note: I am not a Hanson superfan or anything - their only previous song I can name off the top of my head is "MMMBop" - so don't let a lack of interest in the band in general deter you here. This is solid Christmas pop; pre-existing fandom not required.

I have fairly exacting standards for Christmas music, so virtually no albums seem all good to me. "Someday at Christmas" is drippy nonsense that I have never liked, in any version. "Winter Wonderland" is a little annoyingly too much - that one's usually better jolly and basic - and "Peace on Earth" is too earnestly evangelical for me. And their "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" uses the inferior edited lyrics, of which I can never approve. But the album as a whole is thoroughly listenable, perfect for all your holiday prep activities or rom-com daydreams. Listen on Spotify here. Enjoy!

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