Friday, January 19, 2018

Oscar Project 2018: New SECRET DIARY just for patrons!

As usual for mid-January, I am currently gearing up for my Oscar Project, in which I slowly drive myself insane trying to see all the Oscar-nominated movies for no REAL reason other than that I enjoy self-inflicted stress and recreational spreadsheets. As I do every year, I'll be posting about each movie and my picks for each category here on the blog, free for everyone to read.

But! This year I'm adding a special component just for Patreon. Patrons - all levels, starting at just $1 a month - will get my daily diary of the project - short messages every day from now through Oscar night. This will include things like:
  • My process hunting down the various movies and deciding what to see when
  • My adventures driving to and exploring various faraway theaters
  • Informal thoughts and my TRUE FEELINGS on the movies that didn't make it into my review posts (i.e. if you want to know which actors I think are hot, this is probably the place)
  • Thoughts on how the various races are developing and interesting related reading
  • Probably a lot of ranting about poorly behaved audiences
  • Q&As if you guys have any thoughts or questions as I go!
  • And for your convenience, links to all my Oscar-related blog posts so you have it all in one place
If you're thinking of joining in just for this - welcome! Patreon is month-by-month, so if you're just here for movies, you can quit after the Oscars with no hard feelings, though obviously I'll be delighted if you decide you like the other stuff I'm doing and want to stick around! (And if you're seeing this after I've already started, don't worry, if you sign up now you can read all the archives!)

To come along with me on this crazy journey, join me on Patreon!

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