Thursday, February 8, 2018

Oscar Project 2018: All the Money in the World

Movie: All the Money in the World

This movie itself was overshadowed by the events around it - after sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey were made public, he was dropped from the (basically complete) movie and recast with Christopher Plummer, who then got the movie's one nomination here. Those reshoots were VERY quick considering how much of the movie he was in. (Oh, and then there was the resulting secondary story about Mark Wahlberg demanding lots of money for doing the reshoots, while Michelle Williams and everyone else did it for free.)

But my points is - ASIDE from all that, I really enjoyed this! You have to like movies about Rich People Being Terrible, which I do; if that IS your thing, this is a great blend of that and crime thriller. It was watchable and engaging and just a lot of fun. I'd have added a nomination for Michelle Williams for Actress in a Leading Role. Oh, and Production Design.

Availability: It's still in a FEW theaters.

Nominated In:
Actor in a Supporting Role: Sure. Plummer was great here, as you'd expect, and I think he did much better than Spacey possibly could have done anyway.

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