Friday, February 9, 2018

Oscar Project 2018: Coco

Movie: Coco

Aw, I LOVED this one - it had completely breathtaking artwork, funny, clever writing, a good story with some fun twists, memorable characters, and a nice message. It's the story of a Mexican boy who loves music even though his family forbids it; on the Day of the Dead he accidentally travels to the afterlife and learns a lot about his family and himself and what matters as he has various adventures trying to get back home. Just a joy to watch.

Availability: It's back/still in theaters and ALSO releasing digitally on Tuesday.

Nominated In:
Animated Feature Film: Yes yes yes. It was a high-quality all-around delight.

Music (Original Song): Honestly, I loved the music theme here in general, but . . . this specific song didn't really do it for me.

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