Monday, February 12, 2018

Oscar Project 2018: Dear Basketball

Movie: Dear Basketball

The entire content here: "I'm Kobe Bryant and I'm the best at basketball and basketball is great." Seriously. That's it. It just feels like an ad for... himself, I guess? It's not trying to be inspirational; it's literally just his personal feelings about being naturally great at something he loves. (Hilariously, he spells this out by insisting in the narrative itself that it isn't about following your dreams or working toward goals. Be careful, kids, wouldn't want to find this accidentally motivational rather than understanding that it's about how exceptional one person is!) It would be a fine ad for Watch Kobe's Final Season On ESPN or whatever, but as a film it's very tonally odd.

Aside from the content: the art style is one I personally don't love, but it's perfectly proficient at what it's trying to do.

Availability: Find out how to see the shorts here. You can also stream this one on Go90 here.

Nominated In:
Short Film (Animated): Nah. This didn't have anything interesting to say, and the art wasn't good enough to make up for that.

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