Monday, February 5, 2018

Oscar Project 2018: Dunkirk

Movie: Dunkirk

I loved this, of course - someone very well-meaning said to me the other day "How many World War II movies do you NEED?" and obviously my answer was "Me personally? ALL OF THEM." I love the Dunkirk story and complicatedly constructed narratives and I went and saw it on 70mm IMAX and it was just an amazing experience. I thought that the relative lack of CHARACTER versus other aspects worked well for this movie, as a stand-in for so many British soldiers, but I think that might be why it's not getting more awards attention.

Availability: It's available to buy or rent, and it's also back in a few theaters because of its nominations.

Nominated In:
Best Picture: This is probably my #2 choice this year and definitely deserves the nomination. It is a FEAT and also feels like a meaningful movie, not just technical showiness.

Cinematography: Absolutely. There was some amazing stuff in here.

Directing: This is the main category I really hope this wins. The whole concept and execution here was so INTERESTING and made well-worn ground feel novel; this was so different from other WWII movies.

Film Editing: Yep!

Music (Original Score): Sure!

Production Design: Definitely.

Sound Editing: Yep!

Sound Mixing: Yep!

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