Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Oscar Project 2018: Loving Vincent

Movie: Loving Vincent

This is a sort of animated documentary about the son of Van Gogh's friend who tries to deliver a letter from Van Gogh to his brother after both of them have died and then gets pulled into trying to figure out what happened in the last few weeks of the artist's life. (The accuracy of his conclusions is pretty debatable, but that's not really the point.) I was pretty skeptical of a documentary done in animation mimicking Van Gogh's style, but it was gorgeous and I was completely drawn in. The great voice cast didn't hurt, either. This is a charming meditation on life and love and art and death and the limits of our understanding of other people.

Availability: Available to rent or buy.

Nominated In:
Animated Feature Film: Yep! This was gorgeous and inventive.

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  1. I have always loved Vincent. To see the land and the people as he saw them, through the eyes of an artist, was a rich feast. I didn't really care if the film's theory of his death was factual; it was emotionally real enough for me. And as you say, it was gorgeous. I lived in Provence for a while, and I'd forgotten how much I loved it.