Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Oscar Project 2018: Mudbound

Movie: Mudbound

This film about intertwined white and black families in rural Mississippi during and after World War II was very very good, using small family stories to illuminate larger social issues - it reminded me of a less white The Best Years of Our Lives. I thought Garrett Hedlund and Jason Mitchell were the standouts here as the two veterans who return home during the movie, though Carey Mulligan is also great as always, and the entire cast is solid. This is a pretty serious, fairly grim movie, but it's very well done and deals with important content, and if you like World War II-era movies and/or movies about race it's definitely worth a watch.

Availability: Streaming on Netflix.

Nominated In:
Actress in a Supporting Role: Mary J. Blige did a good job here, but this role didn't particularly stand out to me.

Cinematography: Sure. It was extremely well done, and I believe Rachel Morrison would be the first woman to win this.

Music (Original Song): Nah. I liked the movie but this SONG did not grab me at all.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay): Sure. Not my first choice in this particular group of nominees, but it deserves the nomination.

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