Monday, February 19, 2018

Oscar Project 2018: Traffic Stop

Movie: Traffic Stop

This short documentary is about an African American teacher and dancer who is stopped in a routine traffic stop that quickly escalates into violence from a police officer. This is SUCH important subject matter and it very much deserves attention, but I didn't think this execution was quite up to the caliber of the rest of the field. I get that they wanted to focus on this one woman's story, but it would have been a more powerful statement if they linked it to some information and statistics about similar cases. Basically, it needed context beyond "this person didn't deserve this." (Which she didn't!)

Availability: This was made by HBO and has a bunch of upcoming TV air times, starting tonight at 8pm ET, so check your listings. It's also available on HBO Now/Go to stream. Find out how to see all the shorts here.

Nominated In:
Documentary (Short Subject): Uh... yeah, okay, but I don't think it should win.

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