Friday, April 27, 2018

Weekly Rec: Noosa Pink Lemonade Yogurt

I don't have a picture for you of my new favorite yogurt, because I ATE IT ALL before I thought of it and then when I tried to buy more the other day the store was out of stock. But it's so good that I'm telling you about it anyway: it's Noosa Raspberry Lemonade and - well, first of all, if you haven't tried Noosa in general, it may change your life. Especially if, like me, you always want to try new fancy things but don't actually like Greek yogurt that much. Why has Greek yogurt taken over the way it has? I call shenanigans. But that's probably a whole different topic.

Anyway! Noosa is Australian style, not Greek, though I don't have enough basis for comparison to know if this "Australian style" is an actual typical thing there. It's thick and creamier than normal American yogurt but doesn't have that weird mouth-coaty texture of Greek, and it's delicious. I've liked several flavors (pumpkin is great) but raspberry lemonade is my new favorite - I like raspberry yogurt and lemon yogurt and this is a great combination. Also! this flavor comes in a four-pack of 4 oz. cups, which I prefer to their larger size. The larger size is okay if you're eating yogurt for your entire meal, but then I always wind up thinking I'm hungry an hour later because I haven't chewed anything. This smaller size works better for a snack or a COMPONENT of a meal along with other things that your brain registers as real food.

(This was not sponsored or anything; I just care deeply about yogurt.)

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