Sunday, December 18, 2022

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (12/18/22)

Today is Sunday and somehow there is only ONE WEEK until Christmas?? Who allowed this???

Henry Kissinger Wrote a Peace Plan for Ukraine. It’s Ludicrous. (Slate)

In my more politically anxious moments, it IS comforting to know I could literally walk across the border to Vermont from my house. Ban on slavery and right to abortion officially added to Vermont Constitution (Vermont Public)

YOU DON'T SAY. (Also, this is a gift link - if you're not a subscriber it doesn't count against your article limit - so please read it!) Transgender Americans Feel Under Siege as Political Vitriol Rises (NYT)

This is delightful, if you're still shopping: The CrimeReads 2022 Holiday Gift Guide (CrimeReads)

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