Sunday, December 25, 2022

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (12/25/22)

Merry Christmas! We're sticking with the theme today. (And it's Sunday, to the best of my reckoning.)

‘It won’t be like before’: Christmas in Ukraine transformed by war (The Guardian)

At a holiday celebration in southern Ukraine, ‘kids still need miracles.’ (NYT)

US winter storm: Americans and Canadians face mass outages on Christmas Day (BBC)

Christmas preparations for traditional Mexican dishes begin at a Nashua butcher shop (NHPR)

So cute: Willow The Cat Celebrates First Christmas In Biden White House (HuffPost)

How a century-long Russian conspiracy hid that the beloved “Nutcracker” composer was gay (LGBTQ Nation)

Is this the future of Christmas trees? (Grid)

Charmaine Wilkerson’s ‘Black Cake’ Uses a Beloved Christmas Food to Reveal Untold Family Stories (Eater)

An Eggless Christmas (History Today)

This Family Gave the World the Snow Globe (Atlas Obscura)

And some longer festive reads:

Taking to the Woods With Maine’s ‘Tree Tippers’ (NYT)

Why Hot Wheels are one of the most inflation-proof toys in American history (NPR)

Jokes of Christmas Past: The History of Crackers… With Some Jokes Thrown In (History Hit)

Frankly I was not expecting so much Bobby Kennedy in this piece: How the Union Army’s Beloved Marching Song Became a French Christmas Favorite (Slate)

Chi-rho pages for Christmas (Medieval manuscripts blog)

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