Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (1/11/23)

Today is . . . WEDNESDAY, okay, for a second I thought it was only Tuesday and was horrified.

Ooh, this was just breaking as I'm writing this; heads up if you're traveling: Flights Grounded Across U.S. After F.A.A. Failure (NYT)

Hmm: Ukraine military denies Russian forces have captured Soledar (The Guardian)

Trump’s Longtime Finance Chief Sentenced to 5 Months in Jail (NYT) 

Interesting: Progressive Rep. Katie Porter launches bid for Feinstein's California Senate seat (CNN)

Ugh: West Virginia can keep its ban against transgender school athletes, a judge says (NPR)

Planned Parenthood asks judge to rule in Texas Medicaid fraud suit (The 19th*)

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner on how Congress should deal with the crypto crash aftermath and Section 230 (Grid)

How Instagram and TikTok hashtags highlight gendered hate toward women candidates (The 19th*)

Investigators ID woman found dead more than 50 years ago in Bedford, NH (NHPR)

Just IMAGINE how he'd react to this. For Sale: Evelyn Waugh’s Manor House, 8 BR/24 Acres/1 Waugh-Obsessed Tenant (New Yorker)

And some longer reads:

What Brazil’s uprising means for the country, for Bolsonaro and for Lula (Grid)

How Bad Is China’s Covid Outbreak? It’s a Scientific Guessing Game. (NYT)

A Test Of Endurance: Europe Faces A Chilling Couple Of Years, But Russia Stands To Lose The Energy Showdown (RFE)

The Case for Truly Public Housing (Places)

Some impressive pictures here: 2022: The Year in Volcanic Activity (The Atlantic)

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