Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (1/3/23)

Today is Tuesday, and back to work for me . . .

Abduction, torture, rape: Conflict in Congo worsens, says UN (WaPo)

If we ignore it it's not happening, I guess? UK to stop publishing Covid modelling data (The Guardian)

Covid upended 50 years of rural population loss. Will the new trend last? (Grid)

If you're wondering what's going on with Greta Thunberg and Romania and pizza boxes, read this: Who is Andrew Tate? Your guide to the self-styled misogynist influencer (NPR)

A Ron DeSantis presidency would have dire consequences (LGBTQ Nation)

Illinois will be the first state to eliminate cash bail. Here’s why women led the push for reform. (The 19th*) 

10 of the Most Ridiculous Anti-LGBTQ+ Things Conservatives Said This Year (them)

Ha: Twitter sued for not paying San Francisco office rent (Engadget)

Sigh. Student group with anti-LGBT positions alleges religious discrimination at UNH Law School (NHPR)

Food Systems Past And Present: The History And Politics Of Grain (History Matters)

And some longer reads:

Their Final Moments: Victims of a Russian Atrocity in Bucha (NYT)

China’s plan to be the next nuclear superpower (Grid)

Abortion, taxes and the Old Man of the Mountain: NH lawmakers have lots on their plate this year (NHPR)

10 amazing discoveries from Antarctica in 2022 (Live Science)

Crime and the City: Tunis (CrimeReads)

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