Thursday, February 23, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (2/23/23)

Today is Thursday and it is snowing!

Russia draining a Ukrainian reservoir is a reminder that water can be a weapon in a warming world (Grid)

Ugh: Kate Forbes seeing out SNP leader race ‘at the moment’ amid backlash to gay marriage comments (Politico EU)

How Dominion Voting Systems filing proves Fox News was ‘deliberately lying’ (The Guardian)

This is great! Spain approves menstrual leave, teen abortion and trans laws (NPR)

Good for her: Brittney Griner Will Return to W.N.B.A. (NYT)

Not great! Oceans Break Record for Highest Temperatures Four Years in a Row (Smithsonian)

Ooh, I like her: MSNBC to Launch New Sunday Program Led by Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki (Variety)

That Henry III, such a troublemaker: City of London market plans run into sheep trouble (BBC)

10 Mummified Crocodiles Emerge From an Egyptian Tomb (NYT)

The Artist Whose Book Covers Distilled the Nineteen-Eighties (New Yorker)

And some longer reads:

Turkey’s earthquake was devastating enough — rain, snow and regional politics have made things worse (Grid)

‘This will happen before 2030’: how the science behind Covid vaccines might help to fight cancer (The Guardian)

M.L.B. Works to Build a New Generation of Black American Players (NYT)

How Space Radiation Threatens Lunar Exploration (Smithsonian)

The Victorian Reformers Who Defended Same-Sex Desire (New Yorker)

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