Monday, March 13, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (3/13/23)

Ugh, it is Monday and I am DEAD after the stupid time change. Here's my weekly TV news roundup at The Televixen. 

Hm: Pence says Trump was 'wrong' about Jan. 6 and that history will hold him accountable (NPR)

Ugh: Administration to Approve Huge Alaska Oil Project on Monday, Two Officials Say (NYT)

Good: Biden’s new strategy to protect US cybersecurity: Hold software companies accountable (Grid)

It is 2023!! Michelle Yeoh Makes Oscars History as First Asian Lead Actress Winner (Variety)

Awful: In Florida, 1 in 10 minors are denied abortions by judges (The 19th*)

SIGH: BBC will not broadcast Attenborough episode over fear of ‘rightwing backlash’ (The Guardian)

French Museum Will Return ‘Talking Drum’ to Ivory Coast (Smithsonian)

For the first time in decades, The Old Farmer's Almanac is looking for a new editor (NHPR)

Orca Moms Pay a High Price to Feed Large Adult Sons (NYT)

Drought may have doomed ancient Hittite empire, tree study reveals (The Guardian)

And some longer reads:

From ‘Hitler’ to ‘Sharing One Fate’: Saudi-Iran Pact Could Transform the Middle East (NYT)

Britain is rationing vegetables. What’s driving the great produce shortage? (Grid)

Sending Help Instead of the Police in Albuquerque (New Yorker)

The NHL’s Russia-Pride jersey problem, explained: Why Wild became latest to scrap plans (The Athletic)

This Indycar announcer learned to love autonomous car racing by embracing AI’s humanity (Grid)

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