Thursday, March 16, 2023

Morning Coffee Link Roundup (3/16/23)

Good news, we've made it to Thursday!

This is just breaking as I'm writing this: US military releases footage of Russian fighter jet forcing down American drone over Black Sea (CNN)

The Biden administration demands that TikTok be sold, or risk a nationwide ban (NPR)

Ugh, I was watching and this was awful, I hope he's okay. Puerto Rico ousts Dominican Republic at WBC, but Edwin Diaz hurts knee celebrating (ESPN)

Biden expected to sign new executive order on gun control (NHPR)

This is terrifying: An Oklahoma judge just transferred a lesbian mom’s parental rights to her son’s sperm donor (The 19th*)

Fifteen Million People at Risk of Severe Floods From Melting Glaciers (Smithsonian)

How Climate Change Is Spreading Malaria in Africa (NYT)

Equal Pay Day 2023 is a reminder that women still don’t receive equal pay for equal work (Grid)

How one Derbyshire museum took initiative in returning Indigenous artefacts (The Guardian)

Ancient Statue of Emperor Dressed as Hercules Discovered During Roman Sewer Repairs (Smithsonian)

And some longer reads:

Takeaways from China’s People’s Congress: Xi’s new appointees, economic reboot, and a ‘Great Wall of Steel’ (Grid)

The 4-metre-wide board detailing the entire Russian military chain of command in Ukraine (The Guardian)

Scientists Get a Close-Up Look Beneath a Troubling Ice Shelf in Antarctica (NYT)

Fascinating on several levels: The Archives of the East Village Eye Go to the New York Public Library (New Yorker)

I love logistics! What happens after an NHL trade? Inside the ‘whirlwind’ of logistics, from pickup to per diems (The Athletic)

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